American Heart Association CPR Instructor: What the Training is Designed for and What’s Involved in It

Are you interested in becoming American Heart Association CPR instructor? As long as you are interested and have the skills, you can become one. Of course, you will have to go through course of training and it would take years and experiences to become an expert of it. Well, let’s just focus on the training here for this is what you need to do before ever becoming an expert. Here we go then.

What the Instructor Training is Designed for

Let’s make things clear here that instructor training is not one meant to make you an expert CPR instructor. This training is simply one to teach you how to become an instructor. As it was said before, an expert CPR instructor of American Heart Association requires both years of education and years of teaching. As you learn and experience more of CPR cases, you will be an expert yourself. Can we gain something from this CPR instructor training then?

Of course, we can. The training will have video designed to mediate the classes. Your initial role in it will be like that of class facilitator, coach, or motivator to your students. That being said, the video pretty much does most of the teaching job for you. Still, you will become more comfortable and knowledgeable with CPR material that way. American Heart Association instructor training makes you become capable of answering questions while you expand more on the curriculum.

What’s Involved in the Instructor Training

In order to become American Heart Association CPR instructor, you will need to get a hold of “Provider Level” certification from the association. A copy of it must be presented during the training. The first step of the training includes AHA’s on-line Essentials course. In this step, you will have to complete the course before you can move on to the next step. The second step of the training will have you met individually for Training Center Orientation. What’s included in the orientation then?

In this orientation, all sorts of things are explained. They include instructor’s role and responsibilities, training center’s responsibilities, AHA’s hierarchy, and all administrative components involved. Your understanding of American Heart Association training orientation is important here. The third step of the training will have you join one of the classes and be an assistant instructor. By doing so, you will get the chance to experience the role of the instructor more and ease into it.


For you to become CPR instructor, the training must be done and completed in the Training Center. However, this training is not one meant to make you an expert. Years of education and teaching are what will make you into one. The training is one to teach you how to become an instructor only. In itself, the training involves some steps you need to follow. Once the requirements are all met, you will become American Heart Association CPR instructor that can teach on your own.

Description: American Heart Association CPR instructor has training to follow before he/she becomes one. Some requirements must be met for him/her to teach on their own.

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