Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification: the Procedure to Follow and the Course to Take

Today, the need of Basic Cardiac Life Support certification becomes that of high importance. There are outpatient care facilities and even schools that require their medical personnel to already hold BCLS certifications. This certification is one to prove that one has qualified for providing life support to others by completing the training program and passing the exam. What is the procedure and how is the course? To find these out, let’s talk some more below.

Getting Certified for BCLS Certification

Speaking about the procedure of getting the certification, you will have to follow 2-step process here. First of all, the participants must enroll in a class. The class is one held over a single day or even over the course of 2-day weekend. The approach in BCLS certification can be different from region to region. However, the curriculum covers the same things. While hospitals cover day-long courses, classes are held at community colleges, civic centers, and nursing homes.

After the training course is completed, the participants will be required to take an exam. They are allowed to sign up at different points in time per year. If they happen to fail the exam, they will of course be required to take it again. However, for the next attempt, they will have to wait for the next course and be sure to complete it beforehand. For getting the certification of Basic Cardiac Life Support, you need to follow this very procedure.

Learning the Course of BCLS Certification

Let’s learn the course of the class to get Basic Cardiac Life Support certification here. The vital point in this course is to make you capable of assessing the state of the victims. Basically, the emphasis lies on the way to stabilize victim’s conditions. They include the airway, breathing, and circulation. As you might have known, the knowledge of CPR and AED is also included in the course. They are good techniques that can prevent brain damage if done with proper manner.

Well, of course, there are other techniques taught to take care of life-threatening emergencies as well. Usually, the participants will have to learn the way to minimize harm and infections as they take care of the victims. For example, along with CPR, the participants will learn how to use barrier methods to avoid blood to blood contact that might endanger the care givers. BCLS certification course of class can be this detailed for the sake of supporting life while protecting oneself.


With the course covering all important things in supporting lives, the certification is sure to prove one’s capability in providing care to victims. Also, the course teaches how you can protect yourself from getting infected yourself while tending them. Since this knowledge is that of important basic for health personnel, taking the exam to get Basic Cardiac Life Support certification is important to be done, especially if you are aiming in such field of profession in your life.

Description: Basic Cardiac Life Support certification is one type for medical professionals to take and qualify as care provider by completing the course and passing the exam.


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