What to Know About CPR Certification and How to Get First Aid Certified

With accidents happening commonly around us, we need reliable hands to help those who become the victims. However, everyone should have known that not just anyone can tend to them. Wrong treatment can do them wrong than the good after all. People who can help them should be that of CPR and First Aid certified. What about it and how to get First Aid certified then? Let’s see here.

What to Know About CPR and First Aid Certificate

As you might have known, First Aid is the basic health care to help people in emergency situation. Along with the course of it, you will also get to learn about what CPR is all about. CPR which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation is mix of ways to lend one a hand to breathe and help their heart beat. Despite being basic, these CPR and First Aid treatments can increase their chance of surviving.

Someone who can do these treatments properly is one that holds CPR and First Aid certificate. This is the document that proves one to have completed the course and learnt the skills to save the lives of others. Usually, one is required to own this certificate if he/she were to work in health care facilities, institutions, or such. That is why you’ve got to know the way to get certified if you ever aim for any related profession that requires it. What to do to get the certification then?

How You Get Yourself CPR and First Aid Certified

The only way of how to get First Aid certified is to take CPR and First Aid classes. There are two kinds of it offered. First, there are workplace classes which are meant for those who need to learn and be skilled at CPR to work at their job. Second, there are community classes which are simply intended for those who are interested in learning the skills for their daily life. Either way, they are good to pick.

Usually, the classes would be held from 8 to 14 hours in total. Also, it would take about $30 to $150 for the cost of the classes you take. For more information though, it is better to ask the course provider. Once you enroll the classes and pass the exam, you will get CPR and First Aid certified. Well, it is not like the certificate will last forever. It will only be valid for 3 whole years. Still, this is one important certification you need to take whether for your profession or everyday life.


You know how important it is to get First Aid certified in our life. Whether it is for profession or everyday life, it is a must and won’t even hurt to be one. To do so, you will have to enroll the classes that teach the skills. Once the course is completed and the exam is passed, you will get the certificate. This is how to get First Aid certified for whatever purpose you need it for.


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