Miami Children’s Hospital Neurology

In America, there is a good Miami Children’s Hospital Neurology. It is located in the South Florida. This is a licensed specialty hospital that is purposed for children exclusively. They have over 650 physicians and also more than 130 pediatric sub-specialists. So, if your children have health problems, you can trust them to this hospital. This hospital has good popularity over the world. That is why there are many parents who recommend their children to check their children’s health there.

Where We Can Visit?

If you want to visit this hospital, you need to know about Miami Children’s Hospital Neurology address. This hospital is exactly addressed on 3100 SW 62nd Avenue in Miami, Florida, 33155 in the United State of America. Because it is located in a big city and the location is strategic, this hospital can be accessed easily. So, you will not be difficult to find there.

Contacting and Visiting

If you want to contact Nickalus Children Hospital Miami, you can call them at +1 305-666-6511. You can also directly visit the hospital at the address mentioned above. You can visit there freely anytime because this hospital is open every day for 24 hours. So, whenever you need them, they will help you friendly.

What Are Their Services?

There are many services offered by them. Miami Children’s Hospital Neurology offers so many health services that are satisfying. First, they offer the infection prevention. Besides that, they also offer the service of surgical survival. Surgical complication prevention also becomes one of their best offers. Then, epilepsy patient management also belongs to their best services.

They also offer good clinical support service such as management program of pediatric pain, rapid-response team and also surgical ICU. This Children’s Hospital Neurology in Miami also has many advanced techs such as amplitude-integrated encephalography, 3-Tesla MRI, and PET or PET?CT scanners.

Specialized clinic and programs are also offered by this hospital such as programs for spina bifida, movement disorders and craniofacial surgery. To increase the care and safety, they use computerized physician order entry and also electronic medical record. And there are still many other satisfying services from this good popularity hospital.

Is There Any Children’s Specialties?

There are many children’s specialties offered at this hospital. Besides neonatology, there are also urology, pulmonology, orthopedics, nephrology, GI surgery, diabetes & endocrinology, heart & cardiology surgery, and also cancer.

The Doctors at Miami Children’s Hospital Neurology

This hospital has many professional and experienced doctors. The doctors are classified based on the specialties. So, you can choose your desired doctors easily. For example, you choose Dr. Mimi Abella-Blanco. She is specialized for pediatric with more than 21 year experience. If you are looking for a doctor for neonatal-perinatal medicine, you can consider Dr. Jose Adams. He also has long experience more than 21 years. And there are still many other doctors that you can choose. There do not only have good skills but they are all also friendly. Overall, Miami Children’s Hospital Neurology will always offer satisfying services.



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