Pediatric Cardiology Greenville Sc

Pediatric cardiology is related to heart problems especially in children. The patients can be teenagers, kids, baby, or even from unborn babies. However, some cases also include adults. The doctor who manages this heart problem is called as pediatric cardiologist. In Greenville, South California, we can find this doctor easily. If you are looking for pediatric cardiology Greenville SC, hopefully this article will help you all.

The Cares of Pediatric Cardiology Greenville SC

Firstly, we need to know about the cares offered by pediatric cardiologist Greenville Sc. For babies who suffer from pediatric cardiology, the cares will focus on how to survive to adults. Some cases require the pediatric cardiologists to continue to give cars for those adult patients because their experience and training give them particular insight to the type of heart problem.

What Are Included in Pediatric Cardiology?

Besides congenital heart disease, pediatric cardiology in Greenville, Sc. includes the following:

  • Arrhythmia / irregular heart beat
  • Cardiomyopathy / problems with heart muscle
  • Valve disorder
  • Heart infections
  • Palpitations or murmurs
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure or hypertension

So, pediatric cardiologists are only able to treat those diseases. Out of the diseases mentioned above are not the fields of pediatric cardiologists.

How Pediatric Cardiologists Treat Patients?

When treating the patient, the pediatric cardiologists usually require some tests. For pediatric cardiologist Greenville SC, the tests required include echocardiograms & electrocardiograms or also known as EKG. Those tests function to examine the structure as well as activity of your heart. When the diagnosis is made, the treatment may involve the changes of lifestyle, characterization or even surgery.

Best Pediatric Cardiologists in Greenville, Sc. America

If you are looking for the best Greenville pediatric cardiologist, here are some of the most recommended options:

  1. Manisha Chandrakant Shanbhag, MD

This doctor is specialized in adult cardiology as well as pediatric cardiology. She lives on 200 Patewood Drive; Suite A200 Greenville, South California. She accepts Medicare insurance and new patients are well welcomed to her office but under an appointment. She was educated at Duke University School of Medicine.

  1. Benjamin Shin Horne III, MD

He is a specialized doctor for pediatric cardiologist and get 4.5 out of five-star rating by the patients. He is affiliated with GHS professionally and he also honors Medicare insurance. He welcomes patients every day. So, if you or your children have pediatric cardiology problems, you can trust this problem to him.

  1. Jon Francis Lucas, MD

This doctor can be met on 200 Patewood Drive, Suite A200 Greenville, South California. He specializes in the pediatric cardiology. He was educated and also experienced well. That is why you should not hesitate to trust your children’s heart health to him.

And there are many other pediatric cardiologists found in Greenville South California. You should wisely choose one of them based on the education, experience and also other desired factors. Hopefully this can help you who need pediatric cardiology Greenville Sc.



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