Sound Family Medicine Walk in Clinic versus the Emergency Room to Choose

Getting your health issues checked and treated normally would require you to make a scheduled appointment with your chosen doctor. Of course, it would take place during working hours. However, unexpected things can happen just anytime in our life. That is why alternatives, like Sound Family Medicine walk in clinic or Emergency Room make perfect choice to choose. However, between the two, which one is the best? Let’s see here below.

What Each of Them Can Do to Serve Your Needs

What differs both of them first lies in what each of them can offer to you. Walk in clinic of Sound Family Medicine is one to offer medical care for minor or non-life-threatening diseases. Meanwhile, the Emergency Room is quite the opposite of it for it is one that people can rely on when it comes to taking care of very serious or life threatening diseases. Actually, ER can also do what the clinic does.

Yes, to be exact, the Emergency Room serves people for all kinds of health issues or diseases. However, based on recent study, some percentage only was shown that people sought out medical care from it for minor issues of health. Furthermore, it is said that the ER is driven up healthcare costs nationwide. Thus, it does not necessarily mean that the ER could be the best medical care to pick. Could medical care of Sound Family Medicine do then? There is more to talk about it here.

How Much Each of Them Charge You for the Care

Before we talk about how the cost goes in Sound Family Medicine walk in clinic, have you ever considered why the care in ER could even drive up the healthcare costs? Even though the medical expenses might be different from one state to another, the ones from ER could be eight times higher than other urgent care clinics. If we have to name the price, it can even go all the way up to $800.

While the cost is like that in ER, Sound Family Medicine urgent care clinic can be merely $50. In fact, this walk in clinic is pretty much known for being affordable health care people can rely on. Even though it does not take care of serious health issues, it is the best to pick if you only need health care for minor health issues during after hours. If it is for serious health issues though, you should just opt for the ER for after hours or make appointment during working hours.


Both walk in clinic and ER can be the best pick depending on your needs. However, since minor diseases happen more common and could even need urgent medical care, the walk in clinic is the best to go for just any people who need it. Sound Family Medicine walk in clinic does not charge you as highly as the ER, so it should be all the more reason for you to pick it.

Description: Sound Family Medicine walk in clinic is the best place to go if you look for health care for minor injuries or diseases that charges you affordably.



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